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Adults Saving Kids is a non-profit, faith-based organization educating congregations and communities about the sexual exploitation of young people in our country.http://www.adultssavingkids.org

Angel Coalition, the premiere anti-trafficking coalition of Russia and CIS, is composed of 61 member organizations from 25 regions in Russia and 7 former Soviet Republics. http://www.angelcoalition.org/

Breaking Free, Inc., was established in October 1996, by Vednita Carter, Executive Director, as a non-profit organization serving women and girls involved in systems of prostitution/sex trafficking and other battered women who have been involved in the criminal justice system. http://www.breakingfree.net

Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition (BSCC) is an alliance of over 60 government and nonprofit agencies in the United States and Latin America that is convened in and along the U.S.-Mexico Border Region to combat slavery and human trafficking. http://www.bsccoalition.org

The Center for Neighborhood Enterprise was founded in 1981 to help the residents of low-income neighborhoods address the problems of their communities. http://www.cneonline.org

CRTEC is a movement, not just an organization! The Center to Restore Trafficked and Exploited Children is a leader in a domestic movement to restore the humanity and identity of young people who have been trafficked or exploited. http://www.crtec.org

The Christian Medical & Dental Associations (CMDA) consists of the Christian Medical Association (CMA) and the Christian Dental Association (CDA). CMDA provides resources, networking opportunities, education, and a public voice for Christian healthcare professionals and students. http://www.cmda.org

Courtneys House is the first non-governmental shelter in the Washington D.C. area for domestic sex trafficked girls between the ages of 11 and 17 years. Courtneys House is committed to providing a safe space and loving home environment - in a therapeutic and emotionally healing atmosphere. http://www.courtneyshouse.org

The Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATW) is a non-governmental organization that promotes womens human rights. It works internationally to combat sexual exploitation in all its forms, especially prostitution and trafficking in women and children, in particular girlshttp://www.catwinternational.org

Covenant House is the largest privately-funded agency in the Americas providing shelter and other services to homeless, runaway and throwaway youth. http://www.covenanthouse.org

Doctors at War Against Trafficking Worldwide is a call to action for doctors of all disciplines to get involved in the global war against the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world – the buying and selling of human beings for sexual exploitation, forced labor, and other types of abuse.http://doctorsatwar.org

End Internet Trafficking Coalition is a national coalition whose mission is to prevent sexual violence and human trafficking via the internet. http://www.eitcoalition.org/home.htm

FAIR Fund works internationally to engage youth, especially young women, in civil society in the areas of anti-human trafficking, domestic violence and sexual assault prevention, and the development of youth capacity-building programs. http://www.fairfund.org/

Taking the approach of fathers encouraging the education of their daughters, FADA focuses on “hot spot” areas identified as Afghanistan, Yemen, Benin, Guatemala, and India. http://fatheranddaughter.org

The Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking (FCAHT) is a non-for-profit corporation, created in 2004 by Anna Rodriguez, a former law enforcement victim advocate. http://www.stophumantrafficking.org

The mission of Free for Life is to raise awareness and financial aid for safe houses around the world that are working tirelessly in the rescue and restoration of children from labor and sex slavery. http://www.freeforlifeministries.com

Hagar was founded in 1994 by Pierre Tami. Its mission is “Restoring abused, exploited, and abandoned women and children to life in all its fullness through quality holistic healing, community reintegration and social entrepreneurship. http://hagarusa.org/

Founded by singer Natalie Grant, The Home Foundation is a non-profit charitable foundation dedicated to the eradication of human trafficking both domestically and abroad. http://www.thehomefoundation.net

Home of Hope, outside Houston, Texas, exists to provide a place of refuge and safety to rescue, restore, and rehabilitate victims of modern-day slavery and sex trafficking. http://www.homeofhopetexas.com

Innocents at Risk is a child-advocacy non-for-profit 501C-3 organization established to fight child trafficking through awareness programs aimed at educating the public of these crimes.http://www.innocentsatrisk.org

Jubilee Campaign, founded by Danny Smith in London in the early 1980s, promotes the human rights and religious liberty of ethnic and religious minorities in countries which imprison, terrorize or otherwise oppress them. http://www.jubileecampaign.org

LibertadLatina.org is a non-profit project that works to end the sexual exploitation of all women and children in the Americas. http://www.libertadlatina.org

Founded in 2002 (as Justice for Children Intl.), Love146 is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Our mission is ABOLITION & RESTORATION! We combat child sex slavery & exploitation with the unexpected and restore survivors with excellence. http://www.love146.org

MiraMeds mission is to protect, educate and support the Russian disadvantaged youth and children growing up in institutions and eliminate the sexual trafficking of vulnerable young women and girls from CIS countries while assisting in the rescue, return and rehabilitation of trafficking victims.http:www.miramed.org

The National Law Center for Children and Families (NLC) is a non-profit law center formed in 1991 and has since served as an agent of change and education in the areas of child sexual exploitation. http://www.nationallawcenter.org

NomiNetwork is a non-profit organization bridging the private, public, and non-profit sectors through enterprise and education to end human trafficking Sex trafficking thrives where there are large populations of unskilled workers and few employment opportunities.http://www.nominetwork.org

A blog website dedicated to discouraging human trafficking in Oklahoma. OATH holds monthly meetings, hosts Internet safety trainings, and connects citizens to resources in order to help abolish human trafficking. http://oathcoalition.org

The Paul & Lisa Program developed the Street Outreach program in order to increase public awareness of child sexual exploitation while continuing to aid those who had already fallen victim to exploitation by helping them to leave the streets. http://www.paulandlisa.org

The Project Rescue journey began in 1997 when K.K. Devaraj, an Indian National, and members of his Bombay Teen Challenge organization went into the Falkland Road red-light district in Mumbai, India to reach the young generation that was ensnared in drugs, gangs, and prostitution. http://www.projectrescue.com

The Protection Project is a human rights research institute based at the Foreign Policy Institute at The Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies in Washington, DC.http://www.protectionproject.org

Prostitution Research & Education (PRE) is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization that conducts research on prostitution, pornography and trafficking, and offers education and consultation to researchers, survivors, the public and policymakers.http://www.prostitutionresearch.com

REED seeks to end trafficking and sexual exploitation and strengthen the anti-trafficking movement through a comprehensive approach to change in the radical tradition of Christ.http://www.embracedignity.org

Restoration Ministries provides services to adult females trapped in prostitution, including a weekly therapy group. Our purpose is to build trust with the women while they are incarcerated with the hope to continue with them once they leave the jail.http://www.restorationministriesdc.org/

The Salvation Army opposes trafficking in human beings. From its earliest days, the founders of The Salvation Army felt it was their God-given mission to identify and rescue the vulnerable in society. http://www.salvationarmyusa.org

The Standing Against Global Exploitation Project—or the SAGE Project—is a nonprofit organization with one primary aim: bringing an end to the commercial sexual exploitation of children and adults (CSE/CSEC).http://www.sagesf.org

Trong and Rani Hong, themselves survivors of childhood atrocities, established the foundation out of compassion for exploited women and children, and the desire to encourage human trafficking survivors to harbor anticipation of hope and freedom. http://www.troniefoundation.org

The mission of the Barnaba Institute is to raise awareness about human trafficking as it pertains to sexual exploitation through education and media; to provide professional training courseswww.barnabainstitute.org

The Emancipation Network (TEN) fights human trafficking and slavery with empowerment, offering economic alternatives and education to rescued survivors and people at high risk.http://www.madebysurvivors.com/

VERONICAS Voice is a grassroots organization founded in 2000 by Kristy Childs, a survivor of commercial sexual exploitation, trauma and drug addiction. The initial funding was provided through the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth Health Systems.http://www.veronicasvoice.org

World Hope International is a faith based relief and development organization alleviating suffering and injustice through education, enterprise and community health.http://www.worldhope.org

Not For Sale Tennessee fights modern day slavery and aids its victims.http://www.notforsaletn.org

The Temple Committee Against Human Trafficking is part of our Temple’s Social Action Committee. We combat human trafficking and prostitution by educating the public on the links between the two and, on the harms of sexual exploitation on society. Our Committee puts special emphasis on education programming for the young in an effort to protect the vulnerable from becoming prostituted and exploited.Website coming soon!

Survivors Connect is a collaborative project to build global advocacy & support networks of survivors and activists working to end modern-day slavery and human trafficking.http://www.survivorsconnect.org/

All Things New is a faith-based residential two year program for women who are victims of sex trafficking.http://www.allthingsnewcampaign.org/

Gracehaven is a faith-based non-profit organization, founded by Dr. Jeff Barrows and his wife, in 2008 for the expressed purpose of providing shelter, security, and rehabilitation to girls under the age of 18 who are victims of commercial sexual exploitation in central Ohio.http://gracehavenhouse.org/

Angels in the Field helps victims of human trafficking. Founded by survivor D.J., who endured several decades of sexual slavery before escaping, healing, and turning back to help others.http://djsangelsinthefield.com/

Founded by Donna M. Hughes and Melanie Shapiro, Citizens Against Trafficking (CAT) is a broad-based coalition that was formed to fight all forms of trafficking in Rhode Island.http://citizensagainsttrafficking.org/

Homes of freedom is the only recovery shelter in the Northwest United States specifically for human trafficking survivors. Our passion is to help restore the victims of modern day slavery, so they can discover hope for their futures.http://www.homesoffreedom.org/

The Utah Health & Human Rights Project (UHHR) is a direct service and advocacy agency that promotes the health, dignity, and self-sufficiency of refugees, asylees, and immigrants who have endured severe human rights abuses, including torture, war-related trauma, and human trafficking.http://www.uhhr.org/

Women Against Slavery, founded in 2009 by an international group of women operating in both Canada and the United States, is a grassroots, consciousness-raising organization dedicating to raising awareness of human trafficking and related issues.http://womenagainstslavery.org/

World Relief works alongside local churches and communities on four continents to serve the most vulnerable. Partnering with like-minded organizations, World Relief extends its reach into many of the poorest and least developed nations on earth.http://worldrelief.org/

CAASE is committed to building a global community free from sexual exploitation. We know that all forms of sexual exploitation, including sexual assault and the commercial sex trade, are detrimental to a healthy society and undermine the dignity of all peoplehttp://www.caase.org/

We advance Christian sexual ethics to promote sexual integrity, spiritual growth, and missional living and to oppose commercial sexual exploitation. http://www.nationalcoalition.org/

Born to Fly International is focused solely on stopping the worldwide pandemic of child sex trafficking. http://www.born2fly.org/

The Polly Klaas® Foundation is a national nonprofit that helps find missing children, prevents children from going missing, and promotes laws like Amber Alert that help keep children safe. www.pollyklaas.org

The KlaasKids Foundation is a non-profit organization that was established in 1994 to give meaning to the death of my twelve-year-old daughter kidnap and murder victim Polly Hannah Klaas and to create a legacy in her name that would be protective of children for generations to come. www.klaaskids.org

Sponsor Organizations

The Renewal Forum, Inc., is a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit corporation founded in 2006 to undertake programs of policy research and advocacy to promote respect for human dignity.

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Global Centurion is a non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating child sex slavery by focusing on investigation, arrest, prosecution, and conviction of the predators and perpetrators.

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