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The Triple S Network (for .Stop Sex Slavery.), is a coalition of organizations devoted to the abolition of sex slavery in the United States. Many of our members are survivor-centered service providers, seeking to rescue victims out of this slavery and help them rebuild their lives. All of us share the goal of ending commercial sexual exploitation through the identification, rescue and restoration of victims; the vigorous prosecution of the traffickers; and the elimination of demand for victims of commercial sexual exploitation.

The purpose of our coalition is four fold:

1. Strength in Unity. To provide a unified voice for like-minded organizations on matters of public policy, with the goal of improving the effectiveness of our society.s response to modern-day slavery, and our ability to carry-out our essential work.

2. Public Education. Utilize our individual expertises and experiences to shine a light on the phenomenon of sex slavery in the United States and elsewhere so as to help the public, governmental officials, and law enforcement personnel understand the extent and character of this terrible blight in our communities.

3. Training and Technical Assistance. To support each other in our respective tasks by providing training and technical assistance, and the propagation of best practices, on a variety of anti-trafficking issues, including victim services, victim identification and rescue, demand reduction, legal and law enforcement issues, among others.

4. Situation Awareness. To assist individual members to be more aware of issues confronting the anti-trafficking community, and to help them access resources so as to expand their capacity to serve more victims.

A note on our terminology: The federal Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000 provides us with a legal definition of modern-day slavery: Slavery occurs when a victim is compelled, against their will, to provide labor or engage in commercial sex. The crime of human trafficking, therefore, is really the crime of exploitation.

More information on the Triple S Network can be obtained by contacting:
Laura Lederer of Global Centurion ( llederer@verizon.net ) or
Steven Wagner of the Renewal Forum ( wagner@renewalforum.org).